What is a Career in IAF Accounting Services?

IAF Accounting Services

A Career in IAF Accounting Services has always intrigued me. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find information about What IAF Accounting Services actually is. Most pages on the internet just talk about How to get into IAF Accounting Services. While I was searching for reliable information about a Career in IAF Accounting Services, I came across this amazing page: https://www.lifepage.in/careers/iaf-accounting-services

Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui's perspective!

Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui has 18 years of professional experience in IAF Accounting Services. Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui has worked in IAF Accounting Services as Director Finance in Indian Air Force. In Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui's own words, this is how Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui got into IAF Accounting Services: "I did B Com & M Com from Meerut University. Post that, I did an MBA in Finance from IIF, Delhi and then did PG Diploma in Materials Management from IIMM, Mumbai. I did a course in Oracle System Analyst & Database Administrator while being in CDAC, Delhi. I served in Indian Air Force for 18 years before taking an early retirement in 2008. I have been actively involved in giving Corporate Trainings and founded an organisation by the name Foster Training Services." This link showed on the first page of search results for Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui: https://www.lifepage.in/page/mansoorsiddiqui

Career Video on IAF Accounting Services

In a video, Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui has talked about various aspects of a Career in IAF Accounting Services. Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui started by explaining IAF Accounting Services as: "In Accounting Services, one is responsible for efficient financial management of funds. He also acts as internal auditor to ensure a zero-defect audit from outside agencies." It was an amazing video with great information.

It is easy to Google information about what Qualifications are needed to enter IAF Accounting Services, this video went a step ahead to talk about the body of knowledge one needs to develop to excel at IAF Accounting Services. Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui touches upon these in the Education section of the Video:
  • Accountancy
  • Book Keeping
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Management
  • Fund Management
  • Auditing
Anyone aspiring for this Career needs to understand that Skill development is crucial for success.
Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui then explains why these Skills are essential for a Career in IAF Accounting Services:
  • Writing Ability
  • Officer Like Quality
  • Accounting Aptitude
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Quantitative Analysis
Positives of any Career motivate one to work hard for the same.
Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui believes that the following are some of the Positives of a Career in IAF Accounting Services:
  • Helping People
  • Popularity
  • Wider Knowledge Base
  • Becoming More Responsible
  • Taking Initiatives
Challenges are the other side of Positives and this Career is no exception.
And, Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui believes that one needs to prepare for following Challenges of a Career in IAF Accounting Services:
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • No Compromise on Accuracy
  • High Work Load
  • Advisory Role
  • High Expectations from Commander

In the final section of the video Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui talks about How a day goes in a Career in IAF Accounting Services. This video is by far the best video on a Career in IAF Accounting Services, that I have ever come across. To see the full Talk, one needs to install the LifePage Career Talks App. Here is a direct deep link of the Video: https://lifepage.app.link/20171214-0002

Career Counseling 2.0

After having learnt about a Career in IAF Accounting Services I was curious about LifePage. Career Counseling has a new meaning with LifePage. LifePage is the world’s most evolved Career Platform. You can use LifePage to find your Career Objective. LifePage also offers the most comprehensive Career Planning process. You can use LifePage to explore more than a thousand Career Options. LifePage has the most exhaustive Career List. It is truly Career Counseling 2.0 I think LifePage is doing an amazing job of connecting real professionals with Career seekers. It is truly an amazing innovation in the area of Career Counseling. You can learn more about LifePage on: https://www.lifepage.in

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